Blog June 23, 2022

5 Tips for Making the Most of Your Outdoor Space

We all want to spend as much time as we can outside during the summer months. There’s nothing quite like a relaxing summer day in the backyard with friends, unwinding after a long day, hosting a barbeque or enjoying an evening under the stars around the firepit. The problem is … how do we make our outdoor spaces more inviting. Here are 5 Tips for Making the Most of Your Outdoor Space.

1. Bring Inside Decor Outside
More and more, people are treating their backyard spaces as an extension of their living space. From outdoor pergolas to string lights, trendy rugs and comfy, weatherproof sectionals and lounge chairs, homeowners are creating stunning open-air outdoor living spaces. You don’t even have to have a huge space, you can add smaller pieces to your deck or patio to create a relaxing, cozy sanctuary. Whatever your indoor style is, you’re sure to find similar outdoor pieces.

2. Inspirational Botanicals
The right plants, flowers and planters can make all the difference when it comes to creating a warm, inviting and colorful outdoor space. With so many stylish planters available, you can easily find ones that match your style. Fill them with a variety of herbs, flowering annuals, cactuses, plants and shrubs. If you live close to a farmers’ market, be sure and check them out as they typically have a huge variety of cost-effective flowers, plants and herbs to fill your yard, patio or balcony.

3. Small Space Solutions
There are tons of creative ways to transform a small space and make a big impact. Start with some lively décor, potted plants, outdoor pillows, candles and small scale furniture. Consider a vertical garden where you can plant your favorite herbs and vegetables. Adding string and solar lights can also help make a space feel extra cozy. And when it comes to furniture, think about a bistro set for casual dining, foldable and stackable chairs or a small loveseat and ottoman. There are tons of creative ways to make a big impact in a smaller space.

4. Shade Your Outdoor Spaces

Direct sun exposure for prolonged periods can be harmful to your skin, not to mention squinting to see other people isn’t ideal for conversation. Patio umbrellas help block the sun, but they can get knocked over by wind or rain and don’t always provide an area of shade large enough for everyone to use. This shade sail is large enough to keep you and your guests cool and protected from harmful UV rays.


Canopies and other overhead structures can reduce direct exposure from the sun, but on particularly hot days, the sun’s heat can be felt even in the shade. These patio misters provide a constant, gentle spray of cool water as you walk in and out from under an outdoor structure. Make sure you tell your guests ahead of time to avoid it if they prefer not to get misted.

5. It’s All in the Details

There are lots of natural-looking Bluetooth speakers that blend perfectly into any outdoor environment. If you place them strategically around the perimeter of your deck or patio, you’ll have a surround-sound setup so everyone can enjoy music no matter where they’re positioned. Don’t worry about putting the speakers away at the end of the night or before a storm since they’re waterproof.


Firepits are another great idea. They can be a lot of fun to sit around, but you should always consider safety over fun. Most people make the mistake of using a stick to poke the fire, but that stick can easily catch fire and hurt someone. A lightweight and sturdy stoker lets you easily maintain control over the flames and logs from a four foot distance. It also comes equipped with a one-way air valve you can blow into to help the fire maintain its energy, which means you no longer need to crouch on the ground to blow on the perfect spot.

If you’re limited on outdoor space, these 5 Tips for Making the Most of Your Outdoor Space should help. Don’t let challenges stop you from creating the perfect outdoor oasis. Infusing your personality and style to your backyard, balcony or back porch is the perfect way to gain more living space and enjoy a place where you can enjoy more fun in the sun all summer long.