Blog How to Sell Your Home in a Market Shift What is This Market Shift? The real estate market has shifted. As mortgage interest rates rose, potential home buyers backed away. Six months ago when a buyer could get an interest of 3% is long gone and it affects their buying power. For example, the monthly mortgage on a 30 year conventional loan on a […]
Blog Market Update – November 2022 This month’s market update for Northern Virginia is marked by a continued trend of a slowdown in homebuying. This could be due to the higher interest rates and also the traditionally slow fall season. This month is also marked by extremely low levels of inventory (homes for sale). While last month, home prices were up […]
Blog Selling Your Home this Fall 5 THINGS YOU CAN START DOING NOW While spring is traditionally the best time of year to sell a home, the fall season cannot be ignored. As mortgage interest rates hover over 7%, many buyers are getting over the initial shock. Lenders are doing their part offering programs, like the 2-1 Buydown Program, that help with […]
Blog 7505 Stonegate Dr. Fredericksburg VA 22407 This brand new custom home is expected to be completed by October 10, 2022. This jewel sits on 48 acres in the private Stonegate Manor community complete with stream high speed internet, and ATV and walking/running trails. Presenting … 7505 Stonegate Dr. Fredericksburg VA 22407 MORE DETAILS This is a rare find in Spotsylvania County […]
Blog Market Update -August 2022 Real Estate Market Update – August 2022 All the talk is about the market shifting. With inflation and the talk of recession, many buyers have stopped looking as more homeowners are putting their homes on the market. Real estate agents in Northern Virginia are feeling the change in tides. Here is the real estate market […]
Blog How Inflation Affects the Housing Market We’ve all felt the effects of inflation. The cost of goods and services have gone up, sometimes dramatically. Groceries cost more now, shopping for furniture and bedding is scary, and the cost of used cars has also gone up. The question is. What about housing? While inflation can be somewhat unpredictable, we can look at […]
Blog Shift in the Real Estate Market 9 Indicators that the Market has Shifted In hindsight, the market has shifted. As recession looms and mortgage interest rates spiked, many home buyers were no longer eager to find a home and many decided to give up all together. Still, homeownership is the dream of many who are frustrated with paying rent or need […]
Blog Market Update -July 2022 Real Estate Market Update – July 2022 All the talk is about inflation. Gas prices, electricity, food are all going up in costs. The stock market is taking a serious blow. Inflation is now at 9.1%, an all time high in 40 years, according to Forbes. And the Northern Virginia area is being affected as […]
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Blog 5 Tips for Making the Most of Your Outdoor Space We all want to spend as much time as we can outside during the summer months. There’s nothing quite like a relaxing summer day in the backyard with friends, unwinding after a long day, hosting a barbeque or enjoying an evening under the stars around the firepit. The problem is … how do we make […]
Blog Market Update – May 2022 Real Estate Market Update – May 2022 MAY 31, 2022 BY DENISE FULLER LEAVE A COMMENT Inventory is still low and it remains a seller’s market. Compared to last year, less homes are being sold. Still, buyers are not doing the same. There are less showings, less offers, and more contingencies in contracts. The days of multiple offers, […]
Blog Market Update – March 2022 Will the Spring make our housing depression go away? The housing market has seen extremely low inventory of homes for sale for the past 2 months. It seems like things are finally turning around and there are more homes on the market than the previous month. Home value is also still on the rise. Spring, […]
Blog Market Update – February 2022 – Low Housing Low Housing Inventory in Northern Virginia As we head into the end of the winter season, more and more real estate experts are commenting on the very low housing inventory around the country. The number of active listings is down 25% from last year. In Northern Virginia, the same seems to be holding true. On […]
Blog 5 Tips on how to Handle Emotions when Selling Selling your home can stir up a range of emotions. Many don’t realize when it’s happening to them. While you may feel excited about the opportunity to move into a new house and get a fresh start, you may also experience feelings of sadness or loss. Your reactions may surprise you. Stress is usually brought on […]
Blog Market Update – January 2022 Mortgage interest rates have been rising consistently for the past 4 weeks. Some buyers are surprised how their estimated monthly payment rose so dramatically in just a week. While this increase will cause panic and a sense of urgency in some buyers, it will make others no longer able to afford to buy. Pair this with […]